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Elmyra PhD (pronounced Fudd)

I wed and I wed and I wed…..



I wote and I wote and I wote…..

so someone could one day say…..


What’s Up Doc?

I’m not Elmer so that is how I became…






Wrong blog title-maybe PhD school woes?

I think it is becoming clear that I wrongly named this blog. I didn’t really know where it was going but I wanted to talk about my experiences like a completely non-self centered person would want to do, right?!

Well, i did my dissertation research using qualitative research so…….what happens as you go along? you make new discoveries and you often change the course of your research. Exploratory research is like that, right? Ok all you PhD grads and students, mull that over a while and tell me how that statement isn’t completely accurate or needs more clarification to better delineate what is meant by my statement. ROTFL-I sound like a Big Bang Theory line. HAHAHA! Go me!

Ok Professor, back on track! Anyway! I think it would be much more fun (and safer) to share my experiences while in PhD school and the BEST (ok optimal outcome sounds more scholarly, who cares) would be to provide for the poor souls in PhD school especially ADD (oops, I meant ABD) poorest of souls, especially those online PhD students, poorest-est of souls in isolation with a network of other poor, poorest, poorest-est of souls (Oh did I do a run-on sentence. Better consult the writing center). So we can all, well you can all feel each other’s pain, despair and agony. But be encouraged that you are not the only voluntary victim to the torture.