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Elmyra PhD (pronounced Fudd)

I wed and I wed and I wed…..



I wote and I wote and I wote…..

so someone could one day say…..


What’s Up Doc?

I’m not Elmer so that is how I became…






Good morning world changer

Good morning to you Future and Current PHDers! You are a world changer! Don’t tell yourself anything different.

Glass mazeĀ 

During the dissertation phase, I felt like I was in a glass maze  I saw the end over here so I went over here. It wasn’t there. Idiot.  That’s not the way! Why would you think this is the way!? The end is that way I was told. So I went that way. Money money money. Student loan check. A Nother several thousand dollars for tuition check. Stupid! Everyone knows that is not the way. Faculty didn’t say that to me. I said that to me. So if you find yourself calling yourself very ugly names, stop it! You are not in a PhD program because you are stupid! Remember that!

Horrors of ABD

Success! I think I figured out how to attach the document.

The Horrors of ABD (All But Dissertation)![3]

I love Dr. Bannon’s last sentence in this write-up:

“It seems the most successful doctoral students and intended victims in a horror film have one thing in common, no matter how bleak the outlook they never give up!”

The Horrors of ABD

The Horrors of ABD (All But Dissertation). Yep, I was there for 3 long years!

I was gonna attach the document but hmmm don’t think I can. Well darn!
Oh Well! Here’s the link.