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Elmyra PhD (pronounced Fudd)

I wed and I wed and I wed…..



I wote and I wote and I wote…..

so someone could one day say…..


What’s Up Doc?

I’m not Elmer so that is how I became…






School Reflection

Do you find yourself doubting your abilities? Wondering oh my gosh what was I thinking?! I am not good enough to be Dr. Elmyra (or Dr. Elmer) Fudd!!! And, duh! everyone around me knows that and can see right through me laughing under their breath, shaking their head thinking she (he) will never make it. She (He) will quit/flunk out. She (he) is trying to be someone she (he) is not good enough to be!

Oh, ok! I am the only one who in PhD school who ever felt that way! Right? Please, don’t leave me out to dry!

My PhD program was all online. I truly believe that environment really festers (oops, Freudian slip, I meant fosters) that sense of feeling oh I am so stupid! I have been an online and classroom student alternately so speaking as a student and have taught online and face-to-face so had both sides of the computer/podium screen so I have creds (ha, not going to furnish on this blog cause I don’t haff to-nanynany-booboo!)

Now that I made it out the other end, please let me encourage any of you poor soles in the thick of it, especially if in the Horrors of ABD phase that may admittedly or secretly feel like I did, you really are where you are because you are qualified. You were hand-picked. Programs with the highest degree on the planet don’t just willy-nilly pick folks just cause they show a willingness to pay out the nose to be subjected to such EXTREEEME torture.